Our Charitable Projects


We are currently operating at a reduced capacity. We will endeavour to respond to all messages, however there may be some delay.

We are still able to produce medical ID jewellery and our 24/7 emergency helpline will remain available at all times.

Current Projects

Working with our partners, we are proud to support those with medical conditions who need to feel independent and be safe.

Early Start Programme

Together with Lions Club International, we provide free MedicAlert ID jewellery and membership to vulnerable children who are living with medical conditions or allergies.

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Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

We support NHS Grampian with local patients benefiting from free membership and MedicAlert IDs. This scheme is invite-only and sponsored by the local council.

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Annabelle's Challenge

Supporting those with vEDS, Annabelle's Challenge fully funds one year's membership for them and also contributes towards their first piece of MedicAlert ID jewellery.

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The Goodwill Project

Our goodwill project supports vulnerable individuals experiencing financial difficulties, offering them free or reduced-price membership and MedicAlert ID jewellery.

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Biker Down Project

As a safeguard for bikers, we sponsored Biker Down and released the MedicAlert Helmet Tag, holding the biker's vital information. We offer these free of charge!

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Free Training Material

To keep our members safe, we provide free educational resources to healthcare and emergency professionals, to make sure they know what to look for during emergencies.

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Projects We Would Like To Launch

If you feel you have the means to support to these projects in any way, please do get in touch.

Keeping Our Nurses Safe

Nurses look after us, let’s look after them! We would like to be able to offer those with medical conditions free membership and a Medical ID Tag. Are you in a position to support us?

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Keeping Blood Bikers Safe

Blood bikers move blood around to where it is needed in an emergency, putting themselves at risk in the process. We would like to offer them free membership and a medical ID. Can you help?

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A Project Close To Your Heart

Do you know a group of people who are at risk, who would benefit from MedicAlert’s service? If you do, we would love to discuss working together to create a project to make it happen.

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How Can We Work Together?

Imagine a three-legged stool where we bring together a need, a solution and the means to offer that solution. This is an analogy we like to use whilst building partnerships: a stable relationship that aims to offer the right support. The projects above are all based on the following:
THE NEED: A group of vulnerable or particularly deserving invdividuals who live with medical conditions.
THE SOLUTION: MedicAlert's service, providing immediate access to their vital information, which could be lifesaving.
THE MEANS: A third party, helping keep the group safe by sponsoring or part funding the project.

3 leg stool partnership

 If you or your organisation can identify or provide THE NEED or THE MEANS and would like to discuss a project with us, please get in touch today!


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